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Show me yours and I'll show you mine

The resident artists were getting down to work in our studios on a dramatically wind swept rainy day by the ocean in a castle that has some wonderfully eerie and bizarrely interesting paintings and sculpture (that I'll share in another post). And yes, I have ideas for a new horror film just from that alone.

One of my favorite aspects of this residency is the freedom to work independently, but also the encouragement to share and collaborate however we'd like to. So we all decided to share our work with each other tomorrow night in various forms. One other artist and I already have collaboration plans. Prem Jish (the art curator) is organizing reading sessions every two days to introduce us to important art historical and theoretical readings which are related to art practice and art history. (Starting withJames Elkins’s book What Painting Is?)

I'm planning two points of interaction: We'll read a new draft of my TV pilot script SUNDOWN from the series I'm developing. And as an adjacent project, I'll use my iPhone to film an interview with each of the resident artists about folklore from their various backgrounds. (Which directly relates to my work on SUNDOWN).

Very excited about all of this!

And now my pain share:

Being here at LNAF soothes the disappointment of learning today that while my script THE SOUND OF DARKNESS was in the top running in the final round for the Tribeca All Access fund, it did not make the very final cut. (There were over 400 submissions seriously considered this year.) The All Access Senior Director wrote me a very lovely note, highly encouraging me, and telling me there's a reason why the script has already gotten so much traction, and to let me know they want to consider me for another program. They also want me to submit TSOD to All Access again (do I have the stamina??) So not a total loss.

For all of us who fall short, almost win, get a thumbs up or finalist slot but not the top prize, it's a bittersweet thing. But we have to remember: There is a kind of winning in what we do receive, what we learn and how we move forward. (Yeah, I still wanted it though. I could taste this one.)

As fate would have it, after I wrote this, a friend emailed me that it was just announced that I've made it into the finalist round for the Screencraft Film Fund. Shia Labeouf (yes, that Shia) is also on the list. And a wonderful colleague, Vicki Speegle is on it, too. So there's hope yet...

Doorway at Chateau de la Napoule

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