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Second Round

I received an email tonight that has made me very happy. It's just one step, but so in the right direction. It was from the Sundance Institute:

Dear Melody,

We are pleased to inform you that your project SUNDOWN has been selected for the second round of the application process for the 2018 Episodic Story Lab

After spending a month working on scripts during my La Napoule Art residency -- especially my TV pilot SUNDOWN and the break down of a ten episode season -- I am back in NY, having a little trouble readjusting to not having the freedom to write, wander, take in art, write, eat well, be with new friends, write. It didn't help that a car slammed into my Honda CRV the day after I got back (and totaled it...I'm sore, but thankfully OK). However, I and many of my fellow residency artists, are feeling melancholy, and a little lost. Now I feel like I've brought it all back with me, because all the hard work on the SUNDOWN script will allow me to submit a stronger version to the Episodic Lab.

The funny thing is that a couple of hours before I received the Sundance email, I re-posted this old tweet about my feature script...and never giving up:

Sometimes, the Universe most definitely listens. (Very Thankful.)

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